Buying Crypto Solo Ads in 2024?

Here's an overview of buying solo ad spots in the cryptocurrencies niche.

Click here to scroll down to our list of solo ads vendors in the cryptocurrencies niche. In general there aren't quite so many dedicated crypto solo ads sellers as there are in the wider make money online, MLM and business opportunities niches. However, the crypto niche is still very lucrative, with massive fomo and a huge willing crowd of punters willing to invest in the next big thing in this fast moving niche.

Social Media

According to the WarriorForum, social media used to be the best place to find traffic to send to cryptocurrency related offers.

However, a lot has happened to the market since this thread was started in 2018. Facebook no longer allow crypto related advertisements on their platform. Then in 2021, TikTok banned influencers from promoting cryptocurrencies and crypto-related services on its platform.

YouTube is still a great source of traffic for crypto related offers. However, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to establish a crypto related channel these days, and it's not the best place to try to make money from cryptocurrencies if you're camera shy.

Twitter is still mostly a free for all, so it's possible to post crypto related content and links but it can take time to develop a following - I put a lot of hard work into growing the Niche Laboratory twitter feed earlier in 2021 and still managed to obtain just 66 new followers. My traffic from social media sources is still derisory, despite having some big traffic sites to promote and gain followers from.

Ad Networks and Banner Ad Exchanges

It's probably not worth trying to promote crypto offers on the major ad networks. For example, Bing outright banned crypto advertising in 2018.

Many smaller ad networks and traffic exchanges still allow crypto offers to be promoted. However, these can have widely varying degrees of traffic quality. As with solo ads buying, the best approach is to test their traffic using small amounts of money, then attempt to scale once you've found a winning formula.

Super Hot Tip on a VERY Cheap Traffic Source!

OK here's a really nice source of solo ad traffic - independently run internet forums.

Here's a great success story from user celente on the WarriorForum:

Or doing banner ads on a heavy traffic forum in this crypto niche. There are plenty. I did a deal with one forum $80 ad and my sales were over $500. Most time the ad run.

So an alternative to the traditional approach of running solo ads in email newsletters is to run banner ads on related internet forums.

If you want to find forums to post advertisements on then check out our sister site FindAForum.Net. I established this forum directory way back in 2013 and it's now the leading authority site on internet forums. At the time of writing there were 9 forums listed in the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies category. However, it's probably worth bearing in mind that it may be more costly to advertise on these forums. The audience of these forums may also be pretty sophisticated and already up to speed on developments in the crypto niche.

A far better solution may be to advertise on forums that are closely related to cryptocurrencies or offer a much broader range of forum topics. This also massively increases the number of potential forums to advertise on - for example the wider business and economy category lists 161 forums at the time of writing.

Incidentally, forum owners are also worth approaching if you want to buy text links to promote your offers. A friend of mine whose forum is listed on FindAForum sells text links from his niche forum, and it's his main source of revenue. His customers get laser targeted traffic and he gets a steady source of income from a company that isn't worried about wokeness or political correctness or some other panic (such as what happened when Facebook banned Crypto offers).

On some forums you can also add a link to an offer in your signature. These links can do well. However I'll add that although I used to get a lot of referral traffic from the WarriorForum from people clicking on my signature link, that traffic source has pretty much dried up. The WarriorForum is pretty much dead these days, which leads to less potential visitors, as well as making it more difficult for me to actually find threads I want to comment on.

Another issue is that some forum moderators are VERY sensitive to the issue of people posting links in their signature - doing so can often lead to your account being suspended, or an outright ban. I would definitely not recommend signature link (or other link) posting on forums until you are established there and are known by the moderators - even then it is still a risk so be sure to read their policies.

Solo Ads Vendors in the Crypto Niche

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It's also worth checking out Udimi because they have a dedicated crypto niche and at the time of writing there were 303 sellers listed in this space, with 31 being online at the time I checked the listings.