About The Solo Ads Directory

Welcome to The Solo Ads Directory. This site aims to be the #1 Internet resource for information about lucrative opportunities to make money advertising products and services through buying solo ads in other peoples' mailing lists.

Way back in 2013 I built Find A Forum listings site to replace the ever popular Big Boards (www.big-boards.com) that closed down for some reason.

The Solo Ads Directory is a spin-off from Find A Forum. It's basically more of the same thing, but I learnt a tonne while making Find A Forum so The Solo Ads Directory has more automation, more speed, more content and more useful data.

While there are a few solo ads directories around, there don't appear to be any comprehensive directories on the scale of directory sites in other niches. For example Reed Floren's Solo Ad Directory was popular for a time but many of the solo ad sellers he lists are no longer online, making the directory of very limited use. By contrast The Solo Ads Directory will use the tools I use on FindABlog and my other directory sites to ensure there are a minimal number of obsolete listings on the site. This is particularly important in the solo ads space since the buyers and sellers of solo ads change frequently.

So what can you do on The Solo Ads Directory?

  • The main function of the site is to act as the authority on independent solo ad vendors. These sellers come and go, but I am confident my site's automation will allow closed down sellers to be removed from the index in order to make way for new ones. This is particularly important in the ad selling sector, as vendors are constantly changing.
  • Browse a list of the most popular niches for solo ads. Most solo ads are focussed on the making money online/business opportunities niches. As the directory grows, we hope to feature other potentially lucrative niches that are underserved in the solo ads sector - niches like weight loss and dog owners being two standout niches.
  • If you have a mailing list and want to sell ad spots on your list then make sure you add your seller listing to our directory. It will only take a couple of minutes and we'll ensure you receive a steady stream of visitors to your offer. Make sure you tell us all the niches you sell solo ad spots for because this will significantly improve your listing and visibility on this site. You'll also really impress our visitors if you let us know how you've built your list.
  • If you're new to the whole solo ads thing - then so am I! As I explore this niche I'll braindump my solo ad buying tips here.

BrettB, 22.07.2021

P.S. If you need some extra inspiration, check out my niche research tools at Niche Laboratory. I also maintain a massive directory of WordPress blogs at Find a Blog.Net.


Digital marketing image courtesy of Photo Mix from Pixabay.