Updates to The Solo Ads Directory

3 August 2021: New Seller Listings Pages... And More

There's a new page that lists the Top Sellers on The Solo Ads Directory. This lists the sellers that have received the most page views on the site. In time other metrics will be incorporated into the algorithm to allow you to choose the very best solo ad providers.

There's also a page to show the Latest Sellers added to the directory.

Other updates:

  • Seller listings pages now link to the page for each specific niche the ad seller sells ad spots for.
  • There's now a Latest News page that displays the latest blog posts relating to making money from solo ads.
  • There's also a search facility on the site. This will become a lot more useful as the number of solo ads vendors listed in the directory increases.
  • I've added a solo ads buying tips page. As I find more about the industry I'll braindump my findings here.
  • The site's layout has had a bit of a cleanup.
  • I've added a Longest Established Sellers page which lists sellers according to how long they've been in business. This data is derived from their website WhoIs data.
  • There's a new features section which will contain articles relating to specific aspects of solo ads buying. The first feature is an overview of buying cryptocurrency solo ads.

25 July 2021: Directory Now Available

There is now a basic solo ads seller directory on the site.

Other enhancements:

  • Improve your knowledge of solo ads - seller blog posts now appear if their site has a blog post feed.
  • Seller's website domain registration information is now displayed in listings. This is automatically retrieved from the publically available whois information. It can be used to show you when a solo ad seller first registered their website and how long they've been running it for. Be wary of websites that have just popped up in 2023 and are set to expire in one or two years!
  • There's now a top menu for the main solo ad niches we cover. Note that the majority of solo ad vendors are active in the make money online/business opportunities niches - there are far fewer vendors in the pets, weight loss, health, relationships and other niches.
  • Niche details pages now show niche competition and popularity. For solo ads a higher competition score is generally a good thing, as it means there are plenty of buyers in that niche. Popularity is data derived from my suite of SEO tools and reflects how many bloggers and internet marketing people are active in a particular niche. Again a higher score here is generally good if you want to run solo ads, but it's not such good news if you want to try and establish a new blog in that niche.

22 July 2021: The Solo Ads Directory is Open For Business

Hi everybody!

I am pleased to announce that FindAChannel.Net is now live. There's not too much here yet but I have some amazing plans for this place.